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Skill Sessions with Smart Athlete
Cycling is an odd sport. Many athletes will spend years ‘just riding’ and never spend any time learning to ride better, despite experiencing discomfort, injury, inability to ride certain trails/hills/obstacles and/or not meeting performance goals. In contrast, sports like swimming and baseball prioritize skill work and players spend time daily on the foundational movements (i.e. pitching mechanics, batting practice). My mission is to change this and get cyclists in all disciplines prioritizing foundational skills as part of their training routines.


Aided by the movement science of Kinesiology, Smart Athlete Skills Sessions will help you apply more of your hard-earned fitness training to your performance in your goal event/ride … regardless of your level.


Sessions are designed to help you find safety and confidence to enhance the fun you have on your bike whether you are a pro or beginner rider.  Each session is targeted to the individual athlete’s abilities, goals and disposition. Rather than running you through random drills, each athlete is taken through gradual progressions at their individual learning pace with parallels drawn to his or her past experience and language targeting the athlete’s learning style.


Experience the ideas, enthusiasm and progression available through Smart Athlete Bike Skills Sessions by checking out The Bike Skills Project

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