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Smart Athlete Coaching by Peter Glassford


SMART ATHLETE is founded on the belief that to reach Performance AND Health we must first balance Stress, Nutrition, Socialization and Sleep.

Regardless of what point you are at it can be difficult to assess and make directed efforts at improving your health and performance. A consult allows us to look at your goals in sport and in life and assess the best path to get there. Sleep, scheduling, stress and social concepts are reviewed and developed as required to help you reach your goal.

Remote Coaching and Consultation

If you do not on’t live in Southern Ontario there is no need to fret. With the wide spread availability of video cameras, skype and high-speed internet connections we can still sit down for a meeting over coffee, work on form and skills for movement or specific sports and/or on bike positioning. This process is aided by a comprehensive health assessment and goal setting filled out online.


In Person Consult Fee is $100 with subsequent meetings at a reduced rate.

Skype or In-Person to review your training plan, set goals, improve health, improve organization and other topics of importance to you.

$25 / 15min call  BOOK NOW  or Email  to Discuss


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